July 31, 2006
I've spent a good chunk of today reading several accounts from Blogher '06, and I feel like an impostor. So many of these women have something to say, some message to impart, and I'm just doing this on a whim. Maybe I have a message, and I just haven't found it yet? I'd like to think that's about right -- I think I'm still getting to know the real me. It looks like next year's conference will be closer to home -- for now, I think I'll plan to go.

I haven't figured out what this blog is about, really. When you sign up for Blogher, you are asked to categorize your blog... I guess mine would be a "life" blog. It's about my every day, the mundane things that happen at any time. Maybe it'll morph into something else as events occur, but for now, I'm okay with it just being about me.


July 28, 2006
Internet, it's been a long time. A really long time. Since I've had a date, boyfriend, or anything resembling either of those things. We're talking 12 years! May 8, 1994... that was the last date of the last date I had.

Now, do the math... how is it that not one single man has found me the slightest bit interesting since I was 18? I know I'm not Heidi Klum, but I think I clean up pretty good:


So, in an effort to take matters into my own hands without actually having to speak with someone in person (because I am a giant introverted DORK), I have created an online profile on one of those fancy-schmancy dating sites. I have emailed 3 men (out of over 1,000!), and am currently waiting for them to at least acknowledge that they received said emails. So far, nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I'm beginning to worry. Not really -- I still have 997 other men I can email.

Question: How many of you out there have tried online dating, and how much of a giant success/giant failure was it? Just wondering...


How old do I look??
Apparently, there's some misconception about my age in the general community. More and more frequently I'm noticing that people -- mostly of the older, female persuasion -- seem determined to infantilize me. I don't mind being carded, even by waitresses or bartenders younger than me, but being called "darlin'", "little girl", "sweetheart", or "baby girl" by the cashier at McDonald's or the over-40's waitress at Ruby Tuesday's is a bit much. Do I look that young? You, internet, you be the judge:





Do I really look any older than I did at 20? My grandmother always had a young face, as does my mother, and both have told me that one day I'll be glad. For now, I just wish people would treat me with respect, regardless of my age. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.


July 27, 2006
The behinder I get...
So I haven't posted since July 7. What of it? You wanna mess with me? I didn't think so.

This has been an interesting month, financially. I've been planning/wishing/hoping/dreaming of purchasing a laptop for a LONG time, but since I currently live credit-free (except for the mortgage) it's been a very unlikely plan/wish/hope/dream. Until I decided to rob my 401k.

Now, don't get your panties in a twist... I have taken 401k loans before, and while I realize it's not the ideal way to finance my champagne tastes, at least I am paying myself back with interest. I took enough money to purchase a couple of big ticket items, some small ticket items, and some continuing ed for my "career". (Aside: Addicted to bags much? I actually bought another messenger bag from Dakine, and decided I didn't like it. Damn you, eBags!)

I also had to shell out over $500 in vet care -- people don't realize how expensive vet care for small animals really is! One bunny surgery and two guinea pig exams later... some of that 401k loan went that way. Some of it will go to repair the left front fender on my car where some insurance-less asshat backed into it, PARKED ON A RESIDENTIAL STREET, over 6 months ago. Stupid deductibles, and stupid insurance company that didn't tell me I needed to specify that I wanted uninsured motorist coverage to avoid paying the stupid deductible.

I'm trying to be more financially savvy, really. Little known fact about me: I filed Chapter 13 almost 2 years ago, and have just a little over a year left to continue with my "voluntary wage assignment". I don't talk about the bankruptcy, because it's not the kind of thing you mention in casual conversation. I've tried to keep up appearances -- I got to keep my house and car, and I still have enough money left each month to make it appear to the casual bystander that I'm in decent financial shape. But I struggle to make ends meet every month, and despite the fact that I'm supposed to be living on a budget, I'm not. My parents have bailed me out many, many times, and occasionally I've had to let my DirecTV service go for a couple of weeks until I got paid again.

Anyway, I'm thankful for blogs I've found recently, like this one, and this one, and this message board at MSN Money. I'm not the only one struggling with a budget, or with a bad financial past... and it's so great to know that. The most recent post at The Naked Ledger talks about how to go about creating a budget, and I really like Amanda's receipts-in-an-envelope system. I've been trying to write everything down in my little purse notebook, but I invariably forget something, or forget for a couple of days, and then it's shot for the week. I'm going to try her system for the next couple of months and see what my expenses really are. I'm scared. VERY scared.

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July 7, 2006
Whee! New template
Thanks to Miss Zoot for the fancy new template -- yes, it can be used by other people since it's a free design, but I don't care. Hey, I didn't have to code it, so I'm happy.

In other news, why is veterinary care so expensive? I know they have to go to a special school, and for exotics vets it's even more costly for them to be educated, but COME ON! I'm just not going to have any more "exotic" pets (though why on earth rabbits are exotic is beyond me)... they're killin' my bank account.

At least it's Friday. I get to leave early to pick up one of the bunnies from the vet clinic, and then I can r-e-l-a-x. Until tomorrow.


July 3, 2006
Red, white, and BLUE
I hate holiday weekends. There, I said it. I'm tired of being alone on the holidays -- no boyfriend, no family around, all my friends (married or otherwise) have plans already. I don't want to just sit around on the couch like a vegetable on the 4th, but can't think of anything to do all by myself.

Any suggestions?

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