July 31, 2006
I've spent a good chunk of today reading several accounts from Blogher '06, and I feel like an impostor. So many of these women have something to say, some message to impart, and I'm just doing this on a whim. Maybe I have a message, and I just haven't found it yet? I'd like to think that's about right -- I think I'm still getting to know the real me. It looks like next year's conference will be closer to home -- for now, I think I'll plan to go.

I haven't figured out what this blog is about, really. When you sign up for Blogher, you are asked to categorize your blog... I guess mine would be a "life" blog. It's about my every day, the mundane things that happen at any time. Maybe it'll morph into something else as events occur, but for now, I'm okay with it just being about me.



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