January 30, 2008

I just feel such bitter disappointment today, on the heels of this news. I was all set to vote for John Edwards, who I think is the next best thing to Al Gore for President. I honestly don't know who I'll vote for in the upcoming elections; Hillary leaves such a bad taste, and I don't think Obama can beat either of the two Republican frontrunners.

I'm also disillusioned -- with the media, and with the thousands of Democratic voters who have cast their votes for candidates who were late to the table with their plans for the economy, healthcare, and everything else that John Edwards has been planning for since before his bid for the presidency in 2004. I'm sad that Edwards didn't get more media attention, but I suppose in this era of "shock and awe" he just doesn't have the entertainment factor that Hillary vs. Obama does. I feel let down by Democratic voters who purport to want change, but won't back the one man who would have been able to make it happen.

I would love to be a conscientious objector, and just not vote this fall. I won't do that, though -- my voice has to be heard.

I will post an update soon -- life has just been crazy. I have lots of things to share, and am hoping to start some new things here (for my one and only reader).

Photo by Jonathan Walczak.

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