March 21, 2007
Mama needs a brand new bag
So, spring is officially here, and it's time for a new everyday bag. I started carrying a small messenger bag late last summer, so I definitely need something similar, but I'm having such a hard time deciding. Internet, what would you do? Here are some of my options...

I love this one from Timbuk2. It's the same size as the wool messenger I've been carrying, but I think I'd like something just a little larger:

I also like this one from Timbuk2, and it definitely meets the "little larger" qualification:

And this one, from eBags:

I also wonder about a nicer, more work-appropriate bag, like this one from eBags:

Or this one, also from eBags, that looks more like one of the Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags to me than a business case:

Then there's the messenger bags at QueenBee Creations; I love all of them, but especially this one:

and this one:

How will I ever decide?? HELP!


March 14, 2007

Originally uploaded by Little Miss Magic.
Georgia is the latest Petco rabbit at the Speedway location, and she is a peach... (get it? Georgia peach? I kill me.) Gus was adopted pretty quickly - he was only in the store for about a week before someone submitted an application to adopt him, and he went to a great home with a great family.

Georgia came from a shelter in northern Indiana where she had lived... no, survived for 3 months. She's so glad to be out of the joint, and into a place where she can really kick up her heels!

March 9, 2007
The Girls, February edition
Every month my brother and sister-in-law publish pictures of the girls, Olivia and Emilia. You can usually tell what they've been up to for that month, and for those of us that are far away it's a way for us to see the family without actually seeing the family. Of course all it does for me is make me feel like I'm missing out on all the hugs and kisses and coos and gurgles.

Last month they went to Tybee Island for an afternoon. Living in Savannah, they've had decent weather all winter, so while it was a windy day, it wasn't unbearable. Here are just a couple of my favorite shots of Miss Olivia:

Olivia and her shadow

Olivia at the beach

And not to be left out, here's baby Emilia cooking up some kind of devious plot to eventually steal the show from her sister:


I think she looks like she's got so much to say, and just can't get it out! I'm sure she will, eventually.

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March 4, 2007

Originally uploaded by Little Miss Magic.
This is Gus. He's a rabbit. A very smooshable, lovable, love-sponge of a rabbit. He's the first foster available for adoption through the Speedway Petco location (at which I am the head volunteer!), and he's acclimating really well to being in the store.

He does the most amazing binkies, and he flips his ears around like he's the king of the world. He also turns into a puddle o' bunny if you even pretend like your hand *might* touch him. He will sit still and let you pet him. It's pretty sweet, and is a real draw for the public!