March 21, 2007
Mama needs a brand new bag
So, spring is officially here, and it's time for a new everyday bag. I started carrying a small messenger bag late last summer, so I definitely need something similar, but I'm having such a hard time deciding. Internet, what would you do? Here are some of my options...

I love this one from Timbuk2. It's the same size as the wool messenger I've been carrying, but I think I'd like something just a little larger:

I also like this one from Timbuk2, and it definitely meets the "little larger" qualification:

And this one, from eBags:

I also wonder about a nicer, more work-appropriate bag, like this one from eBags:

Or this one, also from eBags, that looks more like one of the Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags to me than a business case:

Then there's the messenger bags at QueenBee Creations; I love all of them, but especially this one:

and this one:

How will I ever decide?? HELP!



Blogger b&kGump said...

Wow! So hard to choose. I love, love the first one! Could I use that as a diaper bag? My next choice is one of the last 2 at the bottom, I like both of them. You crack me up with all your bags :-)

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