June 28, 2006
I survived Tybee Island
I got a sunburn. 30 years old, and you'd think I'd know how to apply sunscreen, yes?


It was the new-fangled spray sunscreen, and probably would have been fine if I weren't standing on a windy beach. I felt it land on my skin, but apparently it wasn't sticking. The good news is that where it did stick, the SPF15 worked! I have a nice red strip across the top of my right thigh (when I sat down, my shorts rode up, leaving a 2" wide strip exposed), a strip down my right shin, a WIDE strip down the back of my left leg, and my right shoulder and the top of my chest is crispy. CRISPY.

If it weren't for this stuff
and 650mg Tylenol, I don't think I could have made it through the rest of my vacation! Oh, yes, Internet. This happened on Day 1 of 7. I am a Midwesterner! We have no beaches here!

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June 16, 2006
Rabbits at Play
Every Tuesday I go to a local Petco store to "exercise" whatever bunnies Indiana HRS has housed in the store. It's a little downtime for me -- I get to sit and read a book while the bunnies play in puppy exercise pens -- but it also serves as some time to edu-macate the public about life with house rabbits.

This week I took an extra shift at the store to give some of our harder-working volunteers a little break. Grover, featured in the video below, was just returned to foster care after only a month in his "forever" home. I don't know the details of his resurrender, but I imagine they just weren't prepared for his brand of craziness. I've known some wild bunnies in my time -- try living with 10 baby bunnies going through puberty at the same time! -- but he plays HARD. He tosses his toys, digs at the floor covering, takes the Nestea Plunge onto his side, kicks his legs high in the air, and has been known to leap over the top of a 36" tall pet pen. Anyway, the video below (though not the best quality) shows just an example of what 15 seconds with Grover is like...

Crazy Rabbit.


June 14, 2006
I have been involved in animal rescue since 2000 -- with rabbits. They're the 3rd most surrendered pet to shelters in the United States, mostly because people don't take the time to become educated about them before they bring them home.

I volunteer as an educator and a fosterer with the Indiana House Rabbit Society. As a non-profit group we're always looking for new ways to fund our organization -- providing memberships to volunteers, paying for veterinary care, paying for long-term care for our sanctuary rabbits, etc.. It adds up! To that end, I've added a link in the sidebar for GoodSearch. It's powered by theYahoo! search engine, and each time it's used it generates a little "green" for the rabbits. And believe me, they love their greens.