June 28, 2006
I survived Tybee Island
I got a sunburn. 30 years old, and you'd think I'd know how to apply sunscreen, yes?


It was the new-fangled spray sunscreen, and probably would have been fine if I weren't standing on a windy beach. I felt it land on my skin, but apparently it wasn't sticking. The good news is that where it did stick, the SPF15 worked! I have a nice red strip across the top of my right thigh (when I sat down, my shorts rode up, leaving a 2" wide strip exposed), a strip down my right shin, a WIDE strip down the back of my left leg, and my right shoulder and the top of my chest is crispy. CRISPY.

If it weren't for this stuff
and 650mg Tylenol, I don't think I could have made it through the rest of my vacation! Oh, yes, Internet. This happened on Day 1 of 7. I am a Midwesterner! We have no beaches here!

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