August 28, 2007
Pool, cup, splash
Oh, my. It's been a while since I've posted. It's not that I've been too busy, just too lazy, I guess.

I talked to Olivia today while she was eating lunch; it seems like whenever Grandma's there, she wants to talk on the phone. She wanted to remind me that while she was visiting in Indiana last week, we went in the pool, with a cup, and we made a splash! It's everything she knows about time she's spent with me, or everything her little noggin can remember. I'm impressed... that was over a week ago, so I guess I made a little bit of an impression.

I'm off to visit the fam this weekend, and will be gone for a WHOLE week. Away from the bunnies, piggies, and cat; away from the house and the jungle... err, yard; away from that dreadful dungeon they call a cubicle at work. I'm excited to go away, me and my new camera, where I'm planning to take lots of pictures of just about everything. I'll try to upload to flickr and post, but internet access may be an issue, since RC doesn't have wifi! I may have to get him all hooked up while I'm there. I AM tech support in this family, you know.

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Blogger b&kGump said...

Wa, wa, wa? I didn't know you got a new camera! Spill the beans sister!

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