February 18, 2005
I... am such a slacker. Not only have I neglected my "online journal" for an entire week, but I have -- once again -- procrastinated myself into a corner with my biology labwork. Are the litterboxes clean and fresh? Nope. Has the carpet been swept anywhere in the house? Nope. Of course, I'm learning about myself in this process.

I have discovered Messies Anonymous. I am, apparently, a Messie. I'm so glad to know there's a name for it, and something other than pure L-A-Z-Y to attribute it to. Anyway, I'm reading The New Messie's Manual, and so far I'm finding it interesting.

Oh, and while I'm reinventing myself this week, I decided to go ahead and work on that tardiness problem I seem to have at work. Only at work, mind you. I found this book when I Googled the term "chronic lateness". Imagine, someone wrote a book about it! And I can blame that little problem on more than just a bad habit, too. Seems I get to let myself off pretty easy, eh?

Oh, in the grand scheme of life I suppose it doesn't really matter. How could it when you have this face to smoosh each day?



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