February 8, 2007
Dream house

Dream house #1
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One of these days, I'll have my dream house. It'll be an older home, with lots of character and charm (and may include bad plumbing and outdated electrical connections). It will have nooks and crannies, and rooms that don't fit my furniture. It'll happen, someday. For now, I'm going to collect dream houses just like I collected Garbage Pail Kids when I was 8. Hope no one thinks I'm a stalker, taking pictures as I drive by...

I drive by this house every time I go to the vet -- it's just north of the intersection of Kessler and College. It's been for sale since early last fall, and it's a dream house. This area of town is full of houses like this, from N. Meridian to Fall Creek Parkway. It makes me wish I'd saved all the money I made in my younger years -- instead of building the house I live in now, I'd have had a nice chunk for a down payment on something like this. File that under "If I'd Known Then What I Know Now."



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