January 25, 2007
Olivia, 14 months

Olivia, 14 months
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On my last trip to Savannah, Mom and I kidnapped Olivia for a few hours in the late afternoon (post-afternoon nap). We went to the fabric store, which was a staple of my childhood shopping trips -- O was interested in all of the pretty, shiny, see-through fabrics, and loved that she was actually allowed to touch things! We left there and went to World Market, where there weren't as many things to touch and feel. There were, however, clothing items on clearance... and so we decided to put her in a hat and scarf. She actually smiled *after* I snapped the picture; I'm always either too quick, or not quick enough.

After we finished shopping we decided to go eat pizza. I don't know if she knows what pizza is, but if you ask her if she wants some she nods her head vigorously. She did such a good job being out with just Grandma and Aunt Manda -- she was even out past her bedtime. She was just so friendly and outgoing to everyone she met... she's a sweet girl. Just like her aunt, right?

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Blogger b&kGump said...

O is so cute, great picture!
This blog is so awesome! You know how I love pink. I want mine to be pretty like this. Okay, now I hate my blog!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great picture

Williams Brother

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