March 24, 2006
When last we spoke...
I was trying to figure out how my family could have left me, looking forward to a new niece, and being generally dissatisfied with my job. Not much has changed since August!

Things have changed -- my brother married the girl he followed to Georgia. My niece, Olivia, arrived at the end of October...

Olivia Hayden

and now looks more like this...


She's a sweetie, and I can't wait to visit her next week. She's crawling, people, and Grandma is just about beside herself now that the girl is mobile!!

The whole thing about Mom and Dad moving and leaving me hasn't been all that bad -- I still talk to Mom at least once a day, and Dad's been working from here off and on, so my separation anxiety has been at a manageable level. You know, it's time to cut the apron strings, anyway.

Except that I'm planning to move down there as soon as I can.

Oh, and my job? No better. Still sucks. Still hating it. But living with it.

Stay tuned!

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